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Programmable logic provides a great opportunity to design the exact hardware that fits your needs. But with FPGAs getting so large who's got the time or money to design all that IP ? You need to use third party IP libraries if you want to build large system on chip (SOC) devices.

Base2Designs can help with open source IP, and supporting hardware and simulation test benches. Check out our IP portfolio at Opencores, select the core you need, download the project files, and try out the simulation. Then, when you are finished with the simulation, order FPGA-DEV-KIT, and the appropriate Santa Cruz daughter card from the Base2Designs store, and you are all set to compile and test in hardware.

Base2Designs IP:

  • USB 1.1 Host Slave

  • FPGA configuration

  • SD/SPI flash interface

  • I2C Slave

Company Profile

Base2Designs is a supplier of open source hardware IP cores, FPGA support hardware, and utilities.


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Last modified: 07/12/11