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Dual USB PHY Daughter Card

Typically FPGA development boards have sufficient logic resources to support the development of USB hardware, but they do not have the capability to support the USB electrical specification. DUSB-PHY provides two USB transceivers, each capable of supporting USB full and low speed. One transceiver is connected to a USB type A (Host) connector, and the other transceiver is connected to a USB type B (function or slave) connector. The daughter card connects to FPGA development boards using the Santa Cruz Connector format (three 0.1" pitch connectors), which is supported by Altera, and other development board vendors such as Microtronix.

DUSB-PHY can support any USB hardware IP that has a USB transceiver interface designed for simple USB transceivers such as the Fairchild USB1T11A. However, it is specifically designed to support usbhostslave, which is an Opencores USB 1.1 Host and Function IP core. The entire usbhostslave Verilog RTL source, along with an easy to use Altera SOPC Builder component, 2.6.10 uCLinux driver, and complete documentation, are available here.

Key Benefits

  • Free open source Verilog RTL.
  • uCLinux USB driver.
  • Compatible with many FPGA development boards.



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Last modified: 07/12/11