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USB_PWR adapter

USB_PWR connects a 2.1mm barrel, center positive, connector to a USB Type A (host) connector. Allows a suitable +5V power source to be used as a +5V USB power source. Provides over voltage, over current, and reverse polarity protection, reducing the risk of damaging your USB powered device.
Primarily designed to be used with Base2Designs SOLAR_CHRGR. Connects a SparkFun Solar Cell to the Base2Designs SOLAR_CHRGR USB input.
Can also be used with SparkFun Large Solar Cell to charge USB devices directly. I have had mixed results in this application. If the USB device has a charging current less than 300mA then it should work fine. Successfully tested with a Motorola cell phone (after D+ and D- shorted), and a Garmin GPS device. Does not work with Apple IPod.



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Last modified: 07/12/11