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C2DBG adapter



C2DBG-ADPT converts the Silicon Laboritories USB Debug Adapter 10-pin 0.1" connector to a 3-pin 0.1" connector. The SiLabs Debug Adapter supports JTAG and their own proprietary C2 two pin (C2D and C2CK) debug format. If you are using for example the C8051F33X parts, then you only need three pins, C2D, C2CK and GND. So, instead of having a large 10-pin header, you can use a much smaller 3-pin header. C2DBG-ADPT is assembled with a 3-pin socket which can be attached to your target board 3 pin header. To save more space on your target board, just don't fit the 3pin male header, and simply use the supplied 3-pin male header resting on your board.

See drawing below for top view of PCB and placement of J11 pin-1



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Last modified: 07/12/11