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Microsoft Windows utility for use with USB2Flash. Use for formatting FPGA configuration files, and downloading files to target hardware flash memory.

FPGA Configuration User Guide

Full documentation for the Base2Designs FPGA Configuration scheme.


Minimal OpenRISC implementation targeted to Altera NIOS Development Kit Cyclone edition.

bin2Hex and hex2bram

Perl utilities for converting binary object files to plain hex files, and hex files into formats that can be used to initialize Xilinx and Altera internal RAM.


Perl utility for creating FPGA pin-out assignments, and Verilog/VHDL port assignments from an Eagle netlist.

Free tools and projects provided by others


Serge Vakulenko's minimal OpenRISC implementaion for the Xilinx Spartan-3E Starter Kit.


ASICS.WS Perl utility for generating top level Verilog module.


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