What does it do?

Configures FPGA with configuration images stored on SPI Flash or SD/MMC  card.


  • Low cost.
  • Wide choice of flash memory manufacturers.
  • Large flash memory capacity.
  • Customer upgradeable FPGA logic.
  • Flash memory can be used to store large software images.
  • Fail safe in field re-programming.
  • A local microprocessor can be used to program the flash memory using a few simple commands.
  • Works with SD, MiniSD, and tiny MicroSD (TransFlash).

How to add it your next design

Adding SPI/SD/MMC flash memory, FPGA configuration storage to your next FPGA project is as easy as 1 2 3.

  1. Integrate this circuit into your next FPGA project. (You may need to alter the circuit for different Altera FPGAs, Xilinx FPGAs, and , flash memory)
  2. Download fpgaConfig PC programming utility, and C8051 firmware from Opencores.
  3. Connect USB2Flash to your newly built hardware, and program the C8051 and flash memory from your PC.

For more details please see the Base2Designs FPGA Configuration User Guide



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Last modified: 07/12/11