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USB_SOLAR     USB Solar Charger
Charge your USB device from solar power.
USB_PWR     USB Power Adapter
Convert a +5V supply to a USB power source.
C2DBG_ADPT    SiLabs C2 Debug Adapter
Convert 10pin SiLabs Debug header to 3-pin header.
USB_UART    USB to logic level RS-232
Add a RS-232 debug port to your hardware.
BLST_ADPT   0.1" to 0.05" Adapter
Convert 10pin 0.1" header to 0.05" header. Works with Altera USB Blaster.
Dual USB PHY Daughter Card (DUSB_PHY)
The Base2Designs Dual USB PHY Daughter Card is designed to support the development and evaluation of USB hardware IP on any FPGA development platform that supports the Altera Santa Cruz Connector Spec Rev04.
USB 1.1 Host and Function IP core
A freely available Verilog open source IP core, fully supported by DUSB_PHY. For more information please visit the usbhostslave project page at the Opencores web site. All design files and supporting collateral, including documentation, and software drivers are available at the project download page.
SD/SPI Flash Eval Board
Micro SD, SPI flash Santa Cruz daughter card


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